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Keenworks has done work for clients in such industries as:

  • Ecommerce: The specialized needs of ecommerce are usually product inventory systems and credit card verification. In the old days, credit card verification used to be very difficult, but these days, vendors such as make credit card verification relatively pain-free. Product inventory systems are relatively easy using the right development techniques. They tend to require private access for security reasons.

  • Intranets and Extranets: Large companies often have complicated and antiquated bureaucracy processes. Converting them to web-based processes can save time and money, and they often have a side benefit of making work more fun for your employees. In any case, the productivity gains are often dramatic. These systems tend to require authorization schemes and very complex data relationships to reflect the complex needs of corporate organization. Previous clients include one of the largest worldwide financial services companies, through a vendor relationship with Portland solutions provider PCDGroup.

  • Community Sites: Otherwise known as "content management systems" (CMS), Community sites are web-driven membership sites that do dynamic publishing. These sites can be very large and popular, and require high availability with many different combinations of features. A more recent offshoot of community sites is grassroots political sites, which combines an online web presence with action and productivity tools, taking the principles of an intranet and releasing them to the web at large.

The requirements of these site types can be combined into basically any other kind of web project. Other project requirements Keenworks has worked on include: job-searching; education registration; dynamic publishing including generation of pdfs, Excels, and graphs/images; home page publishing communities; shared hosting environment administration; and systems integration "glue work" for even larger-scale legacy cobbling needs.

Keenworks can make things that do stuff. If you have web software development needs, please consider dropping a note.